Goldstar Commercial Locksmith Erie Co

Commercial Locksmith Erie CoGoldstar Commercial Locksmith Erie Co would like to explain further its commercial locksmith services. Our bottom line is to see to it that your office, warehouse or shop is fully secured 24/7. Our technicians receive continuous training in different aspects of business-related locksmith concerns.

Access Control System

We explain to our clients multiple advantages of using modern security management apparatus. These include improving your security processes considerably; reducing costs of hiring security personnel; enhancing security monitoring functions; and, achieving better control of business operations. Technicians from Goldstar Commercial Locksmith Erie Co install dependable and advanced access control systems that will be appropriate for your company’s requirements.

Incidentally, we offer security assessments for both commercial and residential units free of charge. Our adept locksmiths offer services related to Closed-Circuit Television System (CCTV); the latest burglar alarm devices, and inter-communications systems.


Rekeying is one of our signature services. Opting for our services can save you substantial company resources. There is no need to order new locks since our technicians simply rekey the cylinders on all your locks and provide new keys. The certified rekey locksmiths of Goldstar Commercial Locksmith Erie Co will fabricate master keys that can open multiple locks. Make your security procedures simpler by removing the need to replace and duplicate copies of numerous keys.

In case you want a higher level of security, our answer is Interchangeable Core (I/C) keying which enables business owners to have control over their keys. Our locksmiths will just produce non-duplicate keys for your office space or establishment. We also take care of replacing or adjusting doors and other entry or exit points; doing repairs or changing door handles; and performing repairs and replacing mortise locks. The mortise lock is quite complicated since it is fixed within the door’s body in a recess or nook. It is different from the simple model connected to the door surface.

Key Management

Goldstar Commercial Locksmith Erie Co is always ahead of the competition. It is easy for us to put in place a high-level and tested key management system. It is essential to take good care of your keys. You have a lot to lose if these small devices are stolen. Key management systems will make sure that identities of employees who enter particular high-security areas are recorded.

Only authorized personnel are given possession of these important keys. It is also possible for managers to determine if such keys were not returned for safekeeping; how frequently and how long these are used; and, send an email or SMS to the custodian or facility manager if there is an emergency. The patented system does not prevent keys from being duplicated. However, these keys are made accessible only to legitimate and authorized staff. When the system is patented, it means any unauthorized individual who tries to copy the key without approval of management is liable for prosecution.

Locksmiths of Goldstar Commercial Locksmith Erie Co are knowledgeable of pertinent security and legal concerns. We can always vouch for their credibility.